The Evil Would-Be Empire

The Republican Party's Congressional leadership (left to right): Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and House Speaker John Boehner. (photo: Alex Brandon/AP)
Imagine adding Romney/Ryan to this mix. Kiss America the beautiful goodbye and welcome a lethal brew of greed, self- interest, and corporate puppeteers, with no one to challenge their supremacy. Have you seen the commercial with the Eastern European sounding senior guy who says he grew up under socialism, and moved to America to get away from it and then, without saying Obama’s name, claims that he’s voting Republican to avoid living in another socialist country? Wait until he wakes up one morning to find out that: 1) Obama is absolutely not a socialist and 2) he’s been drinking Republican Kool-Aid only to discover that most of them lie almost as easily as Romney and 3) he’s screwed!
So we should:
  1. Not let them do it 
  2. Look up their offices:  and 
  3. Write to them
  4. Call them
  5. Email them
  6. Let them know that they will have you to contend with and that you are tired of their obstructionist ways
  7. Make sure that Mitch McConnell knows you hold him accountable for being out of step with all but the far right, who represent the worst, mean-spirited, self-interested, greedy, dark aspects of the country, not the America that the world used to celebrate

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