About the Blog

Don’t Just Stand There. Do Something is a blog designed to serve as fuel for fruitful activism. Don’t Just Stand There will serve a broad cross-section of activists, from those of you who are longtime, even full-time, died-in-the-wool activists, to those of you who dust off your marching boots at specific times for specific causes. It will also be great for those of you who might well be described as activism virgins, new to answering the call. It will give those of you focused in specific areas a glimpse at what’s going on in other quarters, and perhaps connect some dots for you that you have not had time to connect. Don’t Just Stand There will present an equally diverse panorama of causes and issues that need to be addressed locally, nationally and globally. Over time you will get to explore critical issues as well as those which are slower to bloom. You will also be offered a variety of possible actions and responses to those issues as they present themselves to us. Some of the material offered will be, as they say, ripped from the headlines, but much will be based on recurring themes. Don’t Just Stand There is not about capturing the news, but about the essence of the issues it presents, and about offering you a way to see what you can do and how to be in touch with the appropriate players. 

Some of what appears on the Blog will strike very close to home while other items may appear completely unrelated to your personal experience. But regardless of which is true for you, there may be aspects of seemingly unrelated concerns that actually overlap or intersect with your personal, political or social concerns, and having a consciousness about them may help you understand how they might impact your daily lives in both subtle and not so subtle ways. But the bottom line with regard to these issues is that addressing them falls to all of us. This Blog belongs to everyone who reads it and uses it, so please use it to serve you and please comment ~ send me an email if there are issues that you’d like us to raise. But above all, don’t just stand there.