Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Which part of “Liberty and Justice for All” do President Obama and the Senate not understand? Let me follow that by saying that I do not believe in war. War settles nothing. War replaces reason and possibility with death and destruction. That said, I also believe in the right of those who believe that war can provide solutions and want to fight in such wars, to do so. I am shocked that the President does not seem to understand that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is not just an affront to LGBT individuals wanting to serve in the military; it is an affront to Democracy. Do Senators not see that it is profane, anti-American and an insult to the Constitution? The government has no right to force citizens to lie in order to take the oath required to serve their country, particularly while telling a lie under oath in court is considered perjury. But then reality has often been lost in the frenzy surrounding certain human rights issues and preventing certain communities from exercising their rights.

Greed is Poverty's Evil Twin

On Thanksgiving November 27, 2008 a 34 year old WAL-MART employee, Jdimytai Damour was trampled by an out of control mob that stampeded over him in a blind frenzy for bargains. Meanwhile, eight hundred million global citizens go hungry every day or live in danger of it. Americans looking for work and many of those who come to our teeming shores looking for the promise of America will likely run up against the economic quagmire that has and continues to impact so many Americans.

Here in the wealthiest nation with the highest percentage of the wealthiest corporations and individuals in the world, we have yet to effectively tackle poverty There are many simple things that we can do to make things easier for others, some as simple as giving a buck now and then to the people who do what might be thought of as begging but might also be seen as working the streets, subway or train platform. Remember, begging is a hell of a way to make ends meet. And so why not contribute to the level of your ability and make sure that you contribute to or do service for the charities that move you. And for your own well being remember that old saying, ‘Charity begins at home.’ Take care of yourself first and then be generous and creative on behalf of others.
Generosity always wins out.