Dear President Obama:

    I recently read a very powerful statement that you made: "The universal rights of assembly and free speech must be protected, and the United States stands with all who seek to exercise those rights." If you stand with the protesters of the Arab Spring, who called for their rights to speak truth to power, then you surely must offer the same rights and protections to members of Occupy Wall Street and other Occupy protests, who speak truth to bankers and politicians. America needs you to speak out to protect our rights and assure us that you do not condone the actions of enraged and rogue cops, some of whom moonlight for the corporate thugs who have actively, freely and callously helped impoverish everyday Americans.

    We are in jeopardy of loosing our status as a country “of the people, by the people, for the people.” Do you want that loss to be the legacy of your presidency? The choice is yours.
    No matter how often you rightly lay blame on George W. Bush, you have not, in three years, threatened the current status quo; you have not sufficiently or strongly stood up for the poor or the middle class. The Occupy movement offers you an opportunity to do the right thing, which is what those of us who voted for you with such hope and passion expected. Please keep in mind what Mitch McConnell said: that the most important thing the Republicans had to do was to make sure you were a one-term president. So please, Mr. President, spend this next year checking off your campaign promise list item by item so that we’ll be thrilled to work hard to prove McConnell and his party of angry white men (a group that for me includes Herman Cain and Michelle Bachman) wrong. Can you imagine how insulting it is to the Tea Party that a black man, occupies that White House? Yes, you may be of mixed race, but that subtlety is wasted on these not very bright folks. They only know what they see.   

    The real truth, Mr. President, is that being toast or being President is up to you. When I voted for you, I was a little worried that “Senator Obama” was too new at the Big Game, but I never expected you to fold so early in the game and, like many, I’ve been wondering what in the world could snap you out of playing the game of compromise. If the midterm elections didn't do it, I'm still not sure what will! It’s clear to me that the way things are going, Mr. President, you are not likely to excite independents, of which I am one. Even though there is no Republican I could ever vote for, I know that is not true for all Independents, many of whom voted you into the White House. Please stand tall, throw caution to the wind, go for the gold. Please stop playing into the hands of the right wing that threatens the very principles we thought we had voted for after eight terrifying years of the junior Bush. Mr. President, please assume a braver, stronger and more vocal stand on the principles that helped you win your first four years. Thank you.


    Sally Fisher

    P.S. Pakistan is no longer a partner...we really blew it with our quote an old song from different wartime era, "When will we ever learn?! When will we ever learn?!"

    What We Can Do:
    1. Let the President know that you support him in being the President he promised to be.
    2. Decide what you want to get out of participating to the fullest both for the country and for yourself. 
    3. Imagine a world with the kind of social and economic equity that supports your own idea of a strong society. 
    4. Decide what can you do and when you will begin to make that happen!    

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