Our Voice Is Still Our Vote

It’s important to remember that Our Voice is Our Vote, election or no election. Our present reality doesn’t give us the luxury of relaxing, When I cast my vote for Barack Obama on Election Day 2008, I did so because I thought he would be great for the country and I feared the terrifying potential of four long McCain/Palin years, which would only have served to extend the Bush Doctrine. How could my country repeat such a gross error of judgment? We had to know better. Einstein said that, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the true definition of insanity.” It speaks volumes about politics American style.

And yet America did something different. We went to the poles in great numbers to select the first African American president in our history; a president with a new look and a new outlook. My relief was palpable. After the swearing in, there followed a considerable period of hope; halleluiah! a fresh new era was upon us, and progressives needed that halleluiah moment. But the halleluiahs have faded and our great liberal hope turned out to be less than he promised. Some of us have become discouraged, sad or angry. And not just with President Obama, but let’s start there. The next Presidential election is still far enough away for him to deliver on his election promises so as to distinguish him from the Republicans. Click below to read more & take action:

In other words, our present reality doesn’t give us the luxury of relaxing, but the Internet does give us the opportunity and the technologies we need to easily communicate to President Obama about what we want, and to thank him when he stands on the ground upon which he ran. The goes for our Senators and Representatives in both our national and our state Capitals, as well as for our local officials. I’m an unrepentant political Junkie, so I set aside time every day to either respond to calls from various organizations or dash off a note to one of the people who have power and influence in the public, and sometimes the private, sectors.

Even the least addicted among us can do our share to sign petitions, adapt a letter on the websites of relevant entities, and occasionally write that letter or make that phone call to support a position. Rest assured, what happens in Egypt, Libya and Madison matters, no matter where you live, so express yourself. Voice your opinion about every issue that comes up, particularly when you are at odds with the winner of the election in your state or district.  Everyone has a voice and venue. Please take advantage of it!  Progressives are in trouble if we don’t work together to stem the current tide of conservative thinking. I’m speaking to everyone who voted, and to those who, for some inane reason, thought their vote didn’t make a difference. It’s important for Progressives, and in particular Democrats, to look at what happened and what it took for the Democrats to blow the House.

Sites to visit:
Find your Senator at: www.senate.gov
And your reps: www.house.gov 
Also, find the sites on the right that demean your values and argue with them

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  1. This is a similar post to the one I just left on your latest entry, Sally, “This is not America’s Finest Hour”.

    The problem is this country was hijacked in 2000 through tampering with the voter roles. In 2002, more tampering came with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA)that delivered unverifiable, easily hacked voting machines. Something called the Elections Systems Task Force (ESTF) was the major lobbyist for HAVA. The ESTF's main purpose was to get Congress to foot the bill for e-voting machines ($3.9 billion) and moving the country away from an auditable system. The ESTF was comprised of Northrop-Grumman, Lockheed-Martin, EDS and Accenture. These companies all have major government contracts, most with the Defense Department.

    Connect the dots, folks! The disintegration of our process of government is a direct result of these Corporate shills in government masquerading as representatives of the People. I firmly believe these are not our legitimately elected representatives. If you don't agree, how would you disprove it? There's no way to verify elections anymore, and that's exactly how the Corporatists want it. We are no longer the United States of America. We're the Corporate State of the Country formerly known as the US of A.

    I don't know how to remedy a situation like this, do you?