The Next Step for Progressives

Let me repeat the Seneca quote above, “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” At this juncture in human history Progressives, among whom I count myself, must dare to dream of the America in which we want to live. And if we want that dream to become a reality we must also pursue that dream passionately, and against all odds we must dare to participate passionately regardless of: busy lives, family, friends, career, relationships, the fact that it’s not election time, whatever ugly public relations stunt the Republicans are up to. If we intend to restore progressive values to our local, national, and international interactions and to our democracy, we can envision an America without the waging of war; and intensify the work of ending racism, sexism, anti-unionism, among other -isims.

At the same time we can support justice, equality for all, job creation, freedom of speech (even for the right wing), freedom of self-expression, truth, and a free press. We will most likely want to encourage the arts, including PBS and NPR, women’s rights, including the right to choose, and workers’ rights, including safety, benefits, collective bargaining, better equity between corporate and worker salaries and good solid benefits. Most of us will want to do what we can to save our natural world and vital resources through conservation and sane energy policies that support human life, and we say, “Please do not confuse corporations with people;” we must not let corporate greed destroy our precious environment.

There are so many ideas to explore, so take some time, or pay attention to how your body and emotions respond to various issues so that you can identify things that mean the most to you. We cannot afford to stand by and let the political process work without our input. You know what you need in order to live a life of quality, so you know what to pursue. Our country is currently not in great shape, so now is the time to up the anti if you can, even if you are already an activist. Part of our job is to let the powers that be know what we want them to do. Respond to happenings, especially where mid-term elections have left us with people in office whose beliefs are based on a “me first” policy that could upset the very foundations upon which we have formed our worldview, and our sense of responsibility and service.

If you're not satisfied with your own level of involvement, you can add to your participation little by little; but none of us can afford to just stand there and let the political process unfold. We have to do something especially if you are at odds with the winners of the last election in your state or district. You’ve got powerful voices. Please use them! Progressives, we are in trouble if we don’t work together to stem the current tide of roiling conservative rage. I’m speaking both to everyone who did vote, and to those who, for some reason, thought their vote didn’t count. 

What We Can Do:
  1. Keep up to date. Watch the news, read the newspaper, learn about the issues that impact your immediate life and the bigger picture.
  2. Develop your own ideas about how you want things to unfold.
  3. Let the appropriate people who represent you know what you think and what you want them to do. 
  4. Thank them when they do it your way, or register disappointment when they don’t. 
  5. When your values are attacked by the right, let them know. Speak out! 
  6. Join or log on to the NGO’s online that appeal to you, serve causes you care about and that confront areas of your concern.  
  7. Personalize the letters they provide, click to send, sign their petitions and donate if you can. 

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