These two never change, and they never change their tune….

Lindsay Graham has been all over television talk shows making semi-intelligible statements about punishing Russia, telling Obama that we should make "the Russian people suffer, so they will understand that they shouldn’t support Putin, and then they’ll see who we are.” But this is idiotic. He seems not to know that the Russian people love, love, love their despot. Does Graham not know that the news media in Russia is state-run and that the people aren’t ever going to get the message the he wants them to? What starving the Russians will do is inspire them to hate us more, and allow Putin to paint us into a corner with our own paint. Occasionally Graham says other outlandish things that are just plain untrue: “Mr. President, you have never once spoke (notice the grammar) directly to the American people about the threat we face from being attacked from Syria, now Iraq. What is your strategy to stop these people from attacking the homeland?” Or how about: “His responsibility as president is to defend this nation. If he does not go on the offensive against ISIS, ISIL — whatever you want to call these guys — they are coming here!” 

Then there’s John McCain, once a maverick in the best sense of the word, who time has changed into a mad dog with a bone he can’t seem to let go of. When McCain ran against Bush in the Republican primary, he said that he would, “…reform a party corrupted by big money" and, as he later put it, “agents of intolerance.” Well, he not only failed to win the nomination, his party is still the agent of intolerance, as demonstrated by his own intense resentment of the black man who now sits in what McCain surely imagined would be his White House. 

McCain and his little buddy Graham keep waiting for opportunities to bitch about the President. For instance, President Obama’s fundraising tour for the Democrats in the run up to the mid-term elections became an excuse to rail against the President for his actions at a time when the world is in crisis. Only a modicum of research would have shown them that not only has every president done the same thing at this time of year, but that the President has at his disposal telephones, televisions and all other manner of communication possibilities, as well as a staff and briefings on every current issue. Sorry boys, no win here. 

What We Can Do:  
  1. If you are tired of their mean-spiritedness please let them know 
  2. Write and ask them what they might do constructively to move the senate Republicans to work with the President, if not do something constructive themselves 
  3. Look up Graham and McCain and let them hear from you:

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