"I have learned this: it is not what one does that is wrong, but what one becomes as a consequence of it." ~ Oscar Wilde

Ted Cruz, who television host Piers Morgan perfectly characterized as the Republican’s new Sarah Palin, waxed imbecilic on the subject of one of my children’s—and now my grandchildren’s—favorite books. He used Green Eggs and Ham to represent Obamacare. “What?” you may be asking. “What has one to do with the other?” As it turns out, nothing! It seems that Senator Cruz, who many Republicans embrace as a party leader, either never finished the book and thus missed the ending, or actually missed the point of the book. In Cruz’s world, this book, created for children ages 3 - 7 in preschool to second grade, said that just like Sam I Am (the lead character) hated green eggs and ham, the country hates Obamacare—and won’t be forced to swallow it. However, since Obamacare is new it can’t have been tasted and rejected. But even more to the point, once Sam I Am is convinced to try the green eggs and ham, he likes them; he really likes them! And that may just be what happens with Obamacare, Senator Cruz, we—referring to those of us who live in the present reality—know that you can project and blowhard all you want, but the truth remains to be seen, and the black man who we the people have elected to the White House twice isn’t going away. And many, particularly those who are smart enough to see that spewing lies and hatred are not American values, may discover that Obamacare in action becomes an acquired taste. 
What We Can Do:

Please write to Ted Cruz at www.cruz.senate.gov and:
  1. Ask him to admit to and stop the lies
  2. Ask him to come clean about his and his like’s pledged vendetta against the President
  3. Mention that his inability to understand a children’s story is a disgrace and that he should re-evaluate his stands in light of his limitations
  4. Remember, keep it simple enough for him to understand!

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