U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) addressed a breakfast meeting of the 2013 Annual Legislative Summit of U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on March 19th in Washington, D.C. He began with a story about his youth, when he “…lived, worked, played and grew up alongside Latinos.” He used Spanish to emphasize his ideas about immigration and “love” for Latinas and Latinos, stated that “No one captures the romance of the Latin culture more than Pablo Neruda," then read Neruda's poem Si tu me olvidas without a clue that while Neruda was a brilliant, articulate, Nobel Prize-winning Poet, he also served as a Senator for the Chilean Communist Party. Naruda’s politics were close to mine, not Paul’s; not the Republicans’. Rand went on to say, “My hope is that today we begin a dialogue between he GOP and Latinos…a dialogue that shows that the GOP sees all immigrants as assets and that Latinos can come to see the GOP as the party of opportunity, the party of the American Dream, el partido del sue┼ło Americano." Seriously? Seriously Mr. Paul? Do you include Alaska’s GOP Congressman Don Young in that statement? Young, who had been forced by public opinion and the press to apologize for using the slur "wetbacks" that very same day? Please tell Rand Paul that you want him to be respectful and support real immigration reform and let him know what kind of reform you wish to see.

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